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Helping small businesses achieve customized wellness and health solutions for their employees.

Pre employment screenings

Employment health screenings help determine if job candidates or new hires can successfully perform their associated job functions.

Health risk assessments

Used to collect health information, which typically includes biometric testing to assess an employee’s health status, risks, and habits.

Biometric screenings for employees

Biometric screenings are health exams that typically include basic labwork and  body measurements like height, weight, and waist circumference. The findings are formulated to show which employees may be at risk for certain disease processes. Information from biometric screening is used to improve overall health of employees and provide other services that the employee may benefit from based biometric screening findings.

Prevention-focused health education

Employee Health promotion and Employee disease prevention programs focus on keeping your team healthy. These programs aim to empower employees to take control of their health and make changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.


Wellness Challenges are typically conducted on a scheduled basis and used to engage employees to reach a specified health goal. Successful campaigns typically include a specified goal (ie weight loss of 5%, daily blood pressure monitoring) and an opportunity towards an incentive upon completion.

Disease management

Creation of customized programs to impact a specified health condition- to achieve measurable goals.

Health fairs

Dedicated times to launch new wellness initiatives, conduct employee preventive screenings, and raise awareness of potential employee health risks and provide associated resources.

Stress reduction programs

Customized seminars to benefit employees in both their work and personal lives. Designed to enhance resiliency, productivity, and identify causes of long-term burnout.

Weight management

Customized programs to support healthy weight management and weight loss, medically supervised for the most optimal outcomes.

Tobacco cessation programs

Customized programs to support complete tobacco cessation for employees, resulting in greater productivity for both the employee and employer.

Exercise programs and activities

Custom designed exercise and activity programs focused on the overall benefit to employees and their associated job function.

Nutrition education

Customized programs to support healthy behaviors for employees with regards to diet and health education.

Telemedicine services

Our health care providers provide care for your employees without an in-person office visit. Telemedicine is done primarily online with internet access through a secure portal and can provide better access to care for employees.

Vaccination clinics

Coordination of vaccine clinics from beginning to end, ensuring a safe, and smooth process administered by onsite highly trained healthcare providers.

Occupational medicine resources in collaboration

Focused on the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. Offered in clinic and telemedicine screening.

On site clinic development

Onsite health clinics allow employers to offer employees onsite medical services by our healthcare providers at minimal to no cost. Some employee health clinics are located onsite, others are located in a multi use clinic, giving employees easy access to services.

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