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about us

Whole Group is a physician owned/ physician led company, dedicated to offering employee wellness and health solutions to businesses and other organizations.

At Whole Group we're changing the paradigm of Employee Wellness and Health. Get customized employee wellness and health solutions for your team today.

Experience the difference that Whole Group delivers and see the overall health and wellness of your business or organization change for the better!

Our mission

What Sets Us Apart

To empower every employee in every organization to achieve optimal wellness and health

Our values at Whole Group

We strive to do the right thing always

We deliver what we say

We move forward in faith

We always act with integrity

We are always learning, growing, and developing

our beliefs

  • We believe the human body is uniquely and exquisitely designed without accident.

  • We believe the human body is a beautifully integrated system, designed to function as a Whole.

  • We believe in an integrated approach that addresses physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, and other areas of health and connectivity on the path to being Whole.

  • We believe each person is designed to live a life full of meaning and purpose- a WHOLE life.

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